My *Newest* Planner: Webster’s Pages Color Crush Collection – Personal Sized

Hellllooooo friends! I know, it has been ages since I last posted here on The Full Monti, and I apologize! Life is sometimes … crazy, but c’est la vie!

Today, I  wanted to quickly write in order to tell you all  about my new planner that I am in the process of moving in to and I AM SO EXCITED!

I ordered my planner off of Amazon, and let me tell you, waiting to receive this was like pure torture.  But, after some package delaying and basically stalking every mail man that passed down my street for about a week, waiting, waiting, and waiting, it has finally arrived! This planner is a part of the Webster’s Pages Color Crush collection. I ordered mine in the shade Walnut, in the personal planner size, with the planner itself measuring at 5.25″ x 8″ and the included inserts measuring at 3.75″ x 6.75″. Upon doing some research, I found that you can also purchase this planner from sites such as Etsy, or even the Webster’s Pages wholesale website. I think, personally, it is a more reasonably priced planner than some planner companies out there. Don’t get me wrong! I think there are some AMAZING  planner companies all over the web and social media today such as Kikki K, Erin Condren, Foxy Fix, Filofax, etc. There’s so many out there, I could go on and on and on and this post would be longer than my last two! (I mean, am I right???) However, due to the luxury of some of those planners and the craftsmanship that goes into them, they can be a little bit steep in the price department, in my humble opinion. Now this is just from what I have seen. And since mama works a part time job, and is trying to save these coins for a set of wheels (“oooooookaaaay!” *with a sassy snap in z-formation), I found this planner to be one that I can afford, personally . Yes, it still retails for more than my previous Recollections planner, which can be found at Michael’s, but still affordable.

So without further ado, here is a quick (I mean very quick) flip through of the planner, right after I took it out of the packaging.

So, that flip through was super quick, but I just wanted you guys to get an idea of what you would be getting if you order this planner.

Here are a couple of thing I’ve noticed right off the bat when it comes to the planner:

  • THE COLOR. I don’t know who I am turning into, or maybe it just has to do with growing and maturing, but lately I am LOVING neutrals! And when I saw this beautiful brown, I needed it (okay, okay, I “wanted” it.) Inside, it also has a beautiful bronzy gold background with pale pink pockets and gold stitching. Typically not my go to color palette, but altogether? I think it looks great!
  • QUALITY. One thing I noticed initially when I opened up the packaging is that it feels a little bit lighter in weight than my Recollections planner. The “leather” of the planner is not real leather (SAVE THE COWS, PEOPLE! ), but it does give off a pretty authentic leather look and feel. The stitching all throughout looks pretty sturdy and consistent and looks like it will hold together. Only time will tell.
    • The band to close the planner seems to be a teensy bit longer than my Recollections personal sized planner, which will allow me to fit more inside.
    • The  included inserts are BEAUTIFUL. The paper is thicker than normal printer paper, but still light weight and very smooth. 

The ONE complaint I have, as of this point, would be the elastic pen loop. When I tried to slip in certain pens, specifically pens with a grip or grip like texture, there was some major resistance and I wasn’t able to get them through, as opposed to a leather pen loop. So, the elastic pen loop seems to be suited more for sleek pens or pens with a smoother finish and since all my favorite pens just happen to have some type of grip to them, I was a little bummed (womp, womp, womp), but hey, what can ya do?

So, planner peeps, is this the planner for me???? Who knows! As of right now, initially, i’m pretty pleased. When it comes to planners, sometimes it takes a while to see if your planner, your set up, or maybe if even both work for you and however you plan on using it in your life. But that’s the great thing. You can always mix, match, switch and swap things around until you reach the ultimate planner peace!

So, I hope you enjoyed this post and can’t wait to see how I’m able to make this planner work for me! Thank you for reading my post!

*** What are some set-ups and colors that YOU think would look nice in this planner? Leave me a comment down below! ****

Thanks again and happy planning!!! 🙂